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Feeling Fabulous for Christmas!

When I became a Makeup Artist my dream was to win an Oscar for Makeup, don’t get me wrong, I would love an Oscar! I have an acceptance speak in my head ready to go however the more I work with normal woman around the world the more I saw the difference I could make in their lives! You see, the best part of my job is seeing a woman blossom when I teach them how to create looks at home! My job as a makeup artist is to see the beautiful features in a woman and bring them out. All women have beautiful skin but sometimes all they need to do is tweak their skincare or swap a foundation to something that will suit them better, maybe change up how they apply blush or bronzer. I wrote COMPLEXION PERFECTION with these thoughts in mind, I wanted to show as many women as possible that they too have beautiful skin!

In Complexion Perfection you will learn

How to Look After Your Skin making it so much easier to choose a foundation and skincare!

You will Learn about the Key Types of Foundations Available.

You will learn about Concealer Formulations making you turn into a master at concealing. Wave goodbye to blemishes, pigmentation and under eye circles.

You will learn about Powders

You will be able to apply Bronzer for a Sunkissed glow.

You will be able to apply Blush to sculpt and lift.

You will gain expertise on Contouring and Highlighting

You will be able to Treat Your Skin to what it needs at night as part of your Evening Skincare Routine

AND as a bonus, I am including my mini course Mastering the Terms and Tools as a FREE GIFT to you because I am a believer in the idea that makeup gives you superpowers so the more women that harness their superpowers the better our world would become!

The course is available in English, Canadian and American currency so I could offer you the best price and this is a very good price! Seriously good price! Makes me giddy just thinking about how good the price is!

Let me help you! I am rather good at what I do!

If you have a question, then please DM me or comment below!


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