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Maybelline Super Stay Matte Ink

A very popular question I get on social media is “How can I get my lipstick that lasts all day?”. Now there are some techniques that you can do when applying your regular lipstick that will makeup it last longer than a few hours, lipsticks in generally do not last all day. This is because makeup manufacturers add oils and butters to the lipstick formulation, so they do not dry your lips out. I am sorry to tell you this, but it is virtually impossible to find an all-day wearing and moisturising lipstick.

I came across MAYBELLINE NEW YORK SUPERSTAY MATTE INK (not sure if you can call them lipsticks as they are almost a velvety paint) during lockdown because some of my clients reached out to me asking for a lipstick that would not budge under a facemask. The colours above are LOVER 15, a mauve and PIONEER 20, a rich red, they have so much pigment it is a little crazy!

For the price these lipsticks are excellent, and the rich pigmentation is fantastic! As I have said above, liquid lipsticks can last a very long time providing your lips don’t come into contact with anything oily, as oils eat away at lipsticks for example fatty foods like sausage rolls and even some desserts. The packaging is a like a lip gloss in that it comes in a tube with a doe foot applicator that you use to paint the colour onto the lips.

A word of warning when using lip stains like these. They can stain your skin so application may take a little more time than applying a lipstick.

For some great tips on applying products like these then have a read through How to Apply Liquid Lipsticks

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