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How to Choose Eyeshadow Shades for your Eye Colour 

This is only a snapshot of your choices, but it is enough to point you in the right direction. For an incredibly in-depth guide then please have a look at my online makeup course The Essential Guide to Makeup where we go deep into eyeshadows, eyeliners and mascara choices to bring your natural eye colour out more.

Blue Eyes
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If you want your blue eyes to stand out, then you must choose a shade that is complementary or opposite of blue on the colour wheel. Orange is complementary colour of blue on the colour wheel. Now, before you panic you don’t not need to wear bright orange eye shadow, but you do need to choose a shade that has a warm under tone to it. To break this theory down further orange is made with yellow and red and since yellow, red and orange are all warm shades then any shade that has these true shades are a base shade will work. Purple is made from red and blue; pink is made from red and white and even taupe is made from blue, red and yellow. To make things easier for you here are a list of shades which will look great on blue eyes.

Shades to look for: Copper, cranberry, pinks, champagne, rose gold, purple. peach, lavender, red, burgundy, warm brown, copper brown, chocolate brown and brick red. 

Green Eyes 
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Green eyes are rare! You are very lucky to have green eyes. If we look at the colour wheel, you will see that red is the complimentary colour to green. Remember that we learnt from blue eyes, don’t be scared. You don’t need to wear red eyeshadow to make your green eyes stand out, even though that would be fabulously dramatic. I want you to think about all the colours that contain red. Purple, maroon, brown, soft pink. There is a lot to choose from.  

Shades to look for: Bright Pink, salmon pink, peach, magenta, purple, copper, brick red, lavender, crimson, apricot, rose gold and aubergine.

It is worth mentioning that hazel eyes can also wear these shades especially if there are more yellow and green tones in the eyes compared to brown. 

Brown Eyes 
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Surprisingly to most but brown eyes look great in most shade but anything that has a blue undertone will bring out the truest brown in your eyes because there tends to be an orange tone to brown eyes. 

Here is a great tip for you: It is important to remember to wear a mascara that is darker than your eye colour to create definition.

Shades to look for: Turquoise, royal blue, navy, sky blue, steel grey, purple and amethyst 

If you have yellow or gold flecks in your eyes, then choose warmer shades such as copper brown as the warmth undertone in the eyeshadow will bring out the yellow tones in your eyes.

Hazel Eyes 
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Hazel eyes are a mix of green and brown and may have some amber or gold speckles in them. What makes hazel eyes even more interesting is they can change shade quite a bit depending on what eyeshadow shade you choose.

If you want to play up the green then choose shades with a red undertone such as pink, purple, maroon, nectarine, peach, wine and terracotta

If you want to play up the brown then choose shades such as navy, grey and olive green.

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