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is designed for women over 40 who want to learn how to apply their makeup, so they FEEL BEAUTIFUL and FABULOUS!



Each week you will learn something new so you will be able to master your own makeup!



FINDING YOUR FABULOUS is a 4-week interactive Makeup workshop with me where over 4 weeks you will learn so many great makeup tips and tricks! This is an interactive Makeup Workshop held over Zoom on Saturdays and is held over multiple times zones so you can grab a morning coffee or a early evening cocktail and join in the fun! This makeup course is designed for women over 40, from those of you that understand a bit about makeup to those of you that are total beginners to makeup. Maybe you are stuck in a beauty rut or maybe you have done the same makeup for years and are looking for a makeup refresh. Perhaps you have never worn makeup before and want to learn! In Finding Your Fabulous you will be able to ask me questions, you will see me demonstrating new looks, and you will create the looks on yourself alongside me! Whether you are after a beauty update, are seeking a new, professional look, are wanting to include some makeup trends into your everyday, are looking to boost your confidence, or you have a special occasion that is coming up, let me help you!  

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What You'll Learn

Week 1

  • Learn an Easy and Uncomplicated Skincare Routine. Not everyone wants Botox and tweakments as they age (not saying they are bad). I believe in making the best of your skin whatever that means to you so you will gain a better understanding of a solid skincare routine so you will get glowing skin at home!

  • Learn a quick and simple Day Time Makeup. In as little as 5 minutes you can create something that will make you feel FABULOUS. We are all in a rush in the mornings so having an easy-to-follow makeup routine can transform us from feeling blah to feeling energised and ready for the day!

  • Learn a quick and easy daytime eye look with a gorgeous lip.

Week 2

  • An introduction to Makeup Formulations. Some women prefer using cream-based makeup as they age, while some women prefer powder-based makeup, so in Week 2 you will learn what is right for you and how to make it last all day. In a live makeup demonstration, you will learn how to apply both so you can choose which is the best option for you and your lifestyle.

Week 3

  • Every single person has something beautiful about their eyes so in this week’s lesson you will learn how to create a stunning Smoky Eye. A Smoky Eye suits every eye shape at any age, so mastering this look will create instant glamour with ease.

  • Learn what eyeshadows to choose to bring out your eye colour.

  • Learn how to apply eyelashes for a natural or dramatic look.

  • Learn how to choose a lipstick to suit the smoky eye you have created.

Week 4

  • Week 4 is reserved for a Surprise Look. Students can vote on a look they are curious about and want to learn.

  • Q & A, this is an ideal opportunity for my students to ask questions about all the things they have learnt. I will be on hand to answer questions and demonstrate.

Learn With Me

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Learn from a Professional Makeup Artist

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Why Learn From Me

am a Professional Makeup Artist that is 46 years old so I understand how our faces change as we age. I have gained a wealth of experience in my career and I have learnt tips and tricks from some of the most respected women in the industry that I am going to share with you! What makes me stand out from influences you see on Social Media is I understand formulations, face shapes, skin textures, eye colour, lip shapes, sagging skin, dropping eyelids... because I have worked with thousands of women of all ages and I am particularly passionate about women over 40! Teaching women how to apply makeup and feel beautiful is what I was born to do and Finding Your Fabulous is a makeup workshop I have designed so I can help more women around the world! I am so excited to start!

What My Clients Say

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What You'll Get

  • 4 Live Zoom Makeup Lessons lasting 90 minutes each.

  • Gain a understanding of Skincare

  • Learn quick and easy-to-follow Day Time Makeup Looks

  • Add some Glamour to your Makeup Routine by creating Smoky Eyes a absolute favourite look of mine and my clients!

  • Live Q&A answering all your makeup and skincare queries

  • Understanding your Makeup Tools, learning about brushes and other tools you may need.

  • Finding Your Fabulous Online Course so you can learn even more at your own leisure!

  • Recordings of all Zoom Lessons so you can re-watch again and again.

  • Beauty support from me!

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