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Virtual Makeup Lessons

I LOVE teaching all woman of all makeup abilities about makeup. Having an online makeup lesson with me is an excellent way to learn how to apply makeup that will suit you, saving you time and money and it will save you from being overwhelmed with the volume of products that are available!

You will receive advise from me all about the products you are currently using and new products that she feels will be right for you. As I am not affiliated with any brand, I will only discuss products that WILL WORK for you. I will advise you on makeup colours that will suit you and application techniques that will work for you! I will teach you how to apply your makeup in a friendly and easy way so you can recreate the looks yourself at home.

Why learn from me? I have worked with thousands of women, from those of you that cannot even figure out how to open the plastic wrapping around an eyeliner (it can be a nightmare) to those of you that have worn makeup for as long as they can remember. I make learning fun; I take something that may be intimidating for some and turns it into something everyone can understand.

How Does This Work?
  • Makeup Lessons on conducted via Zoom.

  • Once Nina has received payment she will contact you via email to arrange a time and date that works for you! You will then receive a Zoom Invitation for your live one-on-one makeup lesson. You will receive another reminder of the Zoom lesson shortly before the live lesson.

  • When it is time for your appointment it is best to join your one-on-one makeup lesson, with some paper and pen for notes, without makeup on and have your makeup and skincare ready so Nina can advise you with the products you already have.

  • After the booking is made is the ideal opportunity to write down any questions you have for Nina. The lesson is very exciting and sometimes important questions are forgotten.

  • Pricing is available in Pound Sterling, USD and CDN

Your Signature Look

Price: £150, $185 USD, $250 CDN

This lesson is suitable for all ages, from those of you that understand a bit about makeup to those of you that are total beginners to makeup. I will ask you some questions about your lifestyle and beauty needs and come up with some looks that are personal to you, helping you put your best face forward. Whether you are after a beauty update, a professional look, you want to include some makeup trends into your everyday, you need a look that will boost your confidence, or you have a special occasion that is coming up, let me help you!  

In this lesson you will learn:

  • How to prep your skin for makeup

  • You will learn at least 2 different looks depending on timing.

  • What products will suit you staying within your budget. You set the budget when it comes to any product recommendations. There are some great budget friendly brands that Nina loves as well as quality luxury brands that have some fantastic products.

  • What colours will suit your skin tone and eye colour. You will also receive advice on how to purchase makeup online.

  • Application for long lasting makeup.

  • How to enhance your features and create your looks.

new hair dont care.jpg

I will also provide product recommendations you will receive in a follow-up email if needed.

Duration of the lesson is 120 minutes


Price: £150, $185 USD, $250 CDN

Love the Skin You're In

Price: £150, $185 USD, $250 CDN

Love the Skin You're In is a makeup lesson for those over 40. The media targets us and makes us feel like we should be chasing how we looked when we were 25. I am not sure about you, but I don’t want to look like I did when I was 25. Would I trade in all the life experience, travel, and love that I have collected over the past 20 years to have the same skin as I did in my 20s? NO WAY! I want you to look like You but Better! I want you to Love the Skin You're In! I want your skin to glow, your eyes to sparkle and I want you to feel unstoppable and beauty products can really help you feel this way.  Let me teach you how.

As we age our usual makeup and skincare doesn’t feel right or look like it used to. Maybe you are still applying the same makeup in the same way as you did 20 years ago and need to learn something new. Maybe you have always wanted to wear a smoky eye but felt it was too intimidating? Maybe you love makeup trends but want to make them work for you now?

In this lesson you will learn:

  • Skin prep for makeup

  • Makeup shades that will suit you

  • Products that will work for you

  • Enhance your best features

  • Camouflage the features you aren’t so keen on

  • Specific application techniques for makeup looks that you want

  • What products will suit you staying within your budget. You set the budget when it comes to any product recommendations. There are some great budget friendly brands that I love as well as quality luxury brands that have some fantastic products.


I will send you a follow-up email with some product recommendations that I feel will be suitable for you if there is any.

Duration of the lesson is 120 minutes

Price £150, $185 USD, $250 CDN

Teach your Teen

Price £120 GBP, $150 USD, $200 CDN

Teach your Teen is one of the most requested of my mum friends! “Nina, please teach my teen about makeup and skincare!”. There is so much information on social media when it comes to teen makeup some is great but a lot of it is really bad. Some parents feel like is it a real battle teaching their teen about makeup and skincare so let me help you. Plus, I have my own teen, so I understand what both your needs are! The Teach your Teen makeup lesson will require teen and parent participation. You never know, the parents can pick up a trick or two!  

In this lesson your teen will learn:

  • How to look after their skin, which is probably the most important thing we can teach them. If your teen looks after their skin from a young age, then they will thank you as they age for teaching them how to look after it.

  • Barely there makeup, something to give them a extra boost of confidence day to day.

  • How to conceal spots and imperfections

  • How to apply eyeliner

  • How to apply mascara

  • Turn their barely there makeup into something a little more dramatic for parties and fun events.

  • They will learn about makeup coverage, it’s a very common mistake that teens make. They pile on heavy makeup.

Teaching Powder Stills .JPG

Q and A will be offered to make sure your teen has a good understanding of everything we discuss in the lesson. You will receive a follow up email with any product recommendations.  


Duration of the lesson is 120 minutes

Price £120 GBP, $150 USD, $200 CDN

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