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Clarins makes great mascara and I believe Clarins Mascara are overlooked by the beauty industry! They are really nice, and you never really see people raving about them on social media? Here are some I have used so far.

SOS Lash Serum Mascara now, this is a good mascara BUT the colour I received was very light. I received Caramel. I like a dramatic lash and this mascara wasn’t dramatic at all BUT I started using it as a lash treatment for my lashes because it contains ORGANIC CASTOR OIL providing nutritious and shine. MASTIC EXTRACT contributes to strengthening lashes. I have used it under my mascara, and I have used it as a bedtime mascara when I am feeling a little extra fabulous and it is nice. Just remember that this isn’t for those of you that want a dramatic lash.


This mascara gives you healthy looking lashes so it's great for woman that don’t want mascara looking mascara.

ORGANIC CASTOR OIL = nutrition and shine

MASTIC EXTRACT = strong lashes

Supra Volume Mascara is one of my all-time favourite mascaras. This mascara gives you very healthy-looking lashes and boosts their growth. This mascara is one of my Hall of Fame mascaras to be honest. It is that good! This mascara makes your own lashes fuller and longer! 

Uses Cassie Flower Wax leaving lashes looking fuller, stronger, and thicker.

How I use it:

Curl Lashes and apply over the SOS Lash Serum Mascara or alone, from lash roots to tips.

Lash and Brow Double Fix’ Mascara! Now what is clever about this mascara is it waterproofs any mascara and brow product! Yes, I will say that again! It waterproofs any mascara and brow product! So, if you are someone like me that likes to use a regular mascara as getting waterproof off at night can be really annoying but if you are going on holiday or are highly emotional (like me on certain hormone driven days) then you need to check out Lash and Brow Double Fix ’Mascara. This also is great as a brow gel making nice slick groomed brows with ease and you may not even need a extra brow pencil or powder!

How I use Lash and Brow Double Fix’ Mascara:

To waterproof mascara:

  • Curl lashes

  • Apply mascara

  • Apply Lash and Brow Fix’ Mascara

To use a brow Gel:

  • Apply brow pencil or powder (you may not even want to use a pencil or powder)

  • Comb Lash and Brow Fix’ Mascara through brows using short quick strokes.


Here is my tip for getting more out of your product, I don’t even think Clarins knows about this: If you are using a pencil or eyeshadow as an eyeliner, you can apply Lash and Brow Fix’ Mascara over top making them waterproof too. If you are using a pencil, then allow the pencil to set first for a few minutes then using a small firm brush collect a small amount of Lash and Brow Fix’ Mascara onto the brush then dab it over the liner and allow that to set and dry. If you are using a eyeshadow as a liner then you do not need to allow that to set as its dry anyway, just apply the Lash and Brow Fix’ Mascara over the top with a dabbing motion.

  • I must stress that using Apply Lash and Brow Fix’ Mascara over a liquid eyeliner doesn’t really work. It is better for waxy (like mascara, brow pencils and eyeliner pencils) and powder products!

Clarins SOS.jpg
Clarins Volume Supra.jpg
clarins fix.jpg

Disclaimer: Some of these products on this page are gifted for me to sample. They were gifted as part of a paid event that I was paid for, however; this post is unpaid for and not sponsored by the company. It's just good info I wanted to share with you! 

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