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Corporate Makeup Workshops

 from £250

I offer Corporate Makeup Workshops which are the ideal opportunity to watch my makeup demonstration and have some fun with your team!

This is an interactive session where you will watch me apply makeup and discuss beauty while applying makeup onto a volunteer. I invite lots of questions from the participants about makeup and beauty products, discuss makeup queries and will chat about all things makeup

I create the looks, explaining all my pro techniques I use while sharing my makeup knowledge, pro tips and tricks suitable for all skin types and ages.

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Corporate Menopause Makeup Workshops:
Putting Your Best Face Forward


from £259

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Putting Your Best Face Forward is a Makeup and Skincare Workshop that teaches midlife participants – and particularly those going through perimenopause and the menopause - how to apply makeup and use skincare that will empower them right now!

We all know how much makeup can affect how we feel, if we are feeling a little blah then makeup can really change how we see ourselves! If we look good, then we feel good! We feel energised, we feel motivated, and we can even feel unstoppable!

I teach my workshops in a very relax and fun way and I see how much it helps women immediately. They walk away feeling great, looking amazing and confident in the new skills and knowledge they have learnt! They are a lovely bonding experience for the participants too.

Some of the topics I cover in my workshops are
  1. Dealing with finer thinner eyelashes – as we age our lashes become thinner, so I teach an application method that fattens the lashes and builds volume.

  2. Makeup proofing your hot flash – I share simple techniques and product recommendations that will help!

  3. Mood boosting lipsticks – A women that is wearing a great shade of lipstick can be unstoppable. Such a great and effective way to boost confidence.

  4. Skincare – I teach easy and essential ways to look after their skin, so their skin stays gorgeous and glowing for years to come.

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