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I have a bit of a thing when it comes to foundation that I use personally. I get bored of them very quickly. So, I have been searching for a good foundation that is light, easy to blend and will make my perimenopausal skin glow when it looks flat and blah. I popped into my local beauty hall and had a chat with the girls working there. I find they are so much more knowledgeable than influencers on social media because they work with all types of brands every day.

So, I would like to present NARS Light Reflecting Foundation to you! This foundation is a blend between makeup and skincare, so you get the best of both worlds and that makes skin very happy indeed. The makeup will cover imperfections and redness and the skincare qualities and offers light coverage initially and if you want more coverage then you simple apply more foundation. If you are after a light yet buildable foundation that will leave you with a semi matte finish, then this is for you!


Did it bring me joy? Absolutely! You only need a little bit, and you can blend it out with your fingers or a brush.

The only downfall to this foundation is that it does not have a SPF in it so you will need to apply a separate SPF (which you should do anyway). By adding a SPF will change the consistency, making the foundation thicker in texture making it harder to blend.

Nina’s Top Tips in Application:
  1. Apply your skincare as usual

  2. You do not need a primer with this foundation so only apply one if you like to.

  3. Apply a dot or two of NARS Light Reflecting Foundation to the back of your hand.

  4. Apply directly with your fingers or a blush starting on areas that you may want more coverage like your cheeks or chin, then blend out to other areas of the face to achieve a nice even coverage.

  5. Apply your concealer where needed

  6. Apply a light dusting of powder!  

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