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Charlotte Tilbury Hollywood Flawless Filter

This is an award-winning product for Charlotte Tilbury, inspired by the perfecting properties of social media the creates an illumination effect, blurring, and smoothing the appearance of your skin.

The packaging is nice. It comes in a glass bottle, with the iconic rose gold lid and a doe foot applicator.

I was very excited about this launch because let's be honest its Charlotte Tilbury. When I first starting using this personally (as part of my own makeup collection) in the shade 3, I must admit it was lovely. Nice and glowy without looking shiny (my bugbear) or silvery. I used it over foundation high on the cheekbones and in the inner eye corner but after about a month this started to smell rather bad. I think the fault was the doe foot applicator. Now, professionally I wouldn’t use the doe foot applicator directly onto clients faces as that is unhygienic but using it personally, I would use the applicator for ease. I am sad to say that this went into the bin immediately and I probably will never buy another again and if I do, I will not use the applicator. I would dip a clean, thin makeup brush (something like a concealer brush) into the bottle, then I would a bad a small amount of product onto the back of my non dominant hand, then I would use my fingers or the small brush to apply it onto my face.

All in all, the Hollywood Flawless Filter is a social media legend that is always out of stock even though it appears in countless reels on Instagram however there are better products out there to try.

Does it spark joy and makeup you feel fabulous? Well yes initially. The packaging is fabulous. I love the thick glass bottle and the rose gold lid. Also, to be honest I was joyous because I was using something everyone else was using on social media so that put a stop to my fear of missing out. With the first few applications I did feel rather fabulous, but the smell soon put me off.


*Purchased with a pro discount

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