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Nina Westbury's Makeup Masterclasses 

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I work with thousands of women online and in person who want to look in the mirror and feel beautiful. We feel empowered when we look in the mirror and like what we see. Knowing we look great makes us feel good inside and out. There is a strong link between how we look and how we feel, and when we look good, we feel good. I have seen thousands of women instantly change the way they feel about themselves, they feel beautiful, they walk taller, they're confident and they feel good about themselves when they use products they love and apply makeup that looks great! I LOVE helping women look and feel their best. It is the best part of my job. Let me help you! 


Nina Westbury is a beauty and makeup-obsessed Professional Makeup Artist. Nina wanted to create a course dedicated to answering the many questions she has received about makeup and beauty throughout a career spanning over 20 years. Nina created the Essential Guide to Makeup so that women could learn about makeup and beauty at home, helping them create simple makeup looks to show off their best features using readily available products. Nina's goal is to teach women how to apply makeup, what colours will suit them, and what products will work best for them personally, regardless of budget. Through this course, women can educate themselves on makeup and beauty techniques that would suit them best, all at their own pace. Nina knows how powerful makeup is for a woman’s self esteem, and hopes that this course will give you the confidence to use makeup in a way that suits you best. 

"I want to help as many women as possible feel AMAZING when they put makeup on! Working with women this way is what I was born to do and its pretty powerful for me and the ladies I help!"

So, if you are feeling:

  • Frumpy, dowdy, or old fashioned

  • Frustrated with your look.

  • Annoyed by buying the wrong makeup products and having a draw full of products you never use.

  • Unsure about what makeup looks suit you.

  • Hesitant when shopping for beauty products because you do not know what products or colours suits you

  • Overwhelmed by rules that you think you should be following when it comes to beauty.

  • Low priority, because you have a million other things to think about a beauty comes last.

  • Blah about your look.

  • Scared to try something new because you don’t know how to create it or if it would suit you.

  • Tired of not feeling fantastic.

  • "Old" or "invisible"- these descriptions make me sad, but I have heard these complaints so many times from my clients.

  • Want to feel good about yourself.

  • Lost your style or sense of playfulness when it comes to makeup.

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And if you want to feel:

  • Elegant.

  • Confident with the looks you have created.

  • Joyous when you look in the mirror.

  • Motivated to go for that job interview or date.

  • Youthful but way better!

  • Glamourous with minimal effort.

  • Excited by your beauty products and all the choices you have.

  • Glowing - not only is your skin glowing but you are also glowing from the inside.

  • Putting yourself first because you are enjoying applying your beauty products in the morning.

  • Sexy, hell yeah! I have seen it with my own eyes, woman transformed and it’s the best part of what I do!

  • Vivacious and vibrant.

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Then Nina’s Makeup Masterclasses are the perfect place to start! Discover beauty that suits you, and create looks at home that flatter your face and features. Create looks that are personal to you. Nina shares her quick tips and tricks so you can create different looks in the comfort of your own home, putting your best face forward. Bring out your inner beauty, and draw attention to your gorgeous features while disguising the features you want to hide.  


Are you ready to feel and look fantastic? Put yourself first and take control over your appearance, makeup routine and skincare regime! Sign up today! Nina takes a limited number of students so she can give out her best possible advice!

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