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How to wear a Fabulously Bold Lip!

Wearing a bold lip colour will draw attention to your mouth and away from tired eyes so it great for a quick pick me up when you have not had enough sleep. If you don’t have much time in the morning then a bold lip can work in your favour because it is maximum impact with minimal effort.

Here are my 10 easy steps to wearing a fabulously bold lip!

1. Apply a lip balm with your skin care. Dry flaky lips will look even worse with a bold lip so this step is important.

2. Your skin should be even toned so apply foundation and concealer especially under eyes because some bold colours can exaggerate dark circles.

3. Highlight the top of your cheek bones, the top of your brow bone and the top of your nose to create a luminous effect on the skin. A little highlighter tapped onto your eyelids with your ring finger will look nice too.

4. Brush brows to groom and use a brow gel to keep them in place.

5. Curl lashes and apply mascara.

6. Blot off any excess lip balm.

7. Line your lips with a lip pencil if needed. A lip pencil is a good way of making your lipstick last longer because it creates a layer on your lips that your lipstick will cling to.

8. Apply lipstick from the tube or if you want precision then I suggest using a lip brush. If you are worried about a wobbly lip line anchor your elbows on a table and hold a makeup compact in one hand so you can see your mouth and draw on the lipstick with the other. Anchoring your arms will create stability, this technique will work while applying eyeliner too.

9. Look at yourself in a mirror paying attention to the under-eye area. Do you need more concealer? If so apply a tiny bit more.

10. Powder your skin and apply a touch of blush. Apply blush last will ensure you have balance with your makeup. Peach and soft pinks look great.

Another important tip point I wanted to bring up in wearing a bold lip is that matte lipsticks can make lips appear smaller so choose a cream finish or add a touch of gloss to the centre of the lip so you can still enjoy the bold lip trend you are just making it work for you!

Here are some great shades to consider this time of year.

Be fearless and be bold, enjoy this trend. Own the trend and tweet me a pic of you looking fabulous!


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