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The best Spring Lipsticks

I can honestly say that Spring has sprung in London. I went for a long walk after I dropped the kiddies off a school, the birds were tweeting and you could smell the blossom in the air. I like to celebrate spring with a new lipstick and that got me thinking, what makes a great spring lipstick? As you all know Winter can play havoc with your complexion and finding a bright spring lipstick can be hard so let me guide you through this seasons beauties. Pinks come to mind when I think of spring time lip colour. A beautiful blue based pink will brighten your eyes and compliment a delicate skin tone while an orange pink will look amazing on a warmer skin tone.

Here are some of my favourites.

Blue based pinks are cool in colour. They have a blue undertone so will make your teeth appear whiter and eyes brighter. They look great on fairer skin as fairer skin tends to be blue based. Kate Bosworth, Julianne Moore, Anne Hathaway, and Nicole Kidman all have a cooler skin tone. Think if you tend to burn easily in the sun then you are probably a cooler skin tone so these colours are for you. Here is an example from my own lipstick wardrobe as well as pro kit.

Cool Pinks for Spring

From left to right: Clarins Rouge Eclat 25 Pink Blossom, a fitting name for spring. This lipstick lives in my pro kit, this is a great pink for anyone that wants to play with brighter colours but is still a little reserved. This looks great on brides too. NARS Audacious Lipstick in JANET, ladies and gentleman this lives in my personal collection and every time I wear it I get a lot of complements. It's a bright fuchsia pink believe it or not - looks darker in this pic. I wear this when I wear a nude eye as it does pack a punch of colour. I dab it on for a stain on more subtle days too. Charlotte Tilbury The Queen, another beautiful bright pink with a matte finish. This is a bright so I apply it like I do NARS JANET and dab it for a subtle colour or take my time with a lip pencil for full on glam! This lipstick is full on glam and lives permanently in my handbag! Rouge DIOR 671 Deaville lives in my pro kit - that's why it looks pristine in the pic but is a gorgeous bright pink for ladies that like to enjoy a glass of wine at lunch with their friends. ROUGE DIOR 670 Times Square is a "professional" shade, I say this because I gave one to the secretary at my children's school for Christmas. Mrs B looks fantastic in it, she wears it to brighten her face on dreary gray mornings. TEEEZ Lush Sheer Lipstick in Pink Sapphire, this is a sheer so don't be put off by the coolness of this shade. This is actually more subtle than the neighboring shades. Clarins Joli Rouge Brilliant 25 in Rose Blossom, is another fabulous sheer. Sheers look great on ladies with smaller lips because they tend to be shinier and a shine helps lips appear larger. Lancôme L'absolu Rouge 368, if this lipstick had a name it should be LOOK AT ME PINK, there is no messing around with this bright pink. Lastly, the one on the right. Let me introduce you to Clarins Joli Rouge Brilliant in 27 Hot Fuchsia, this is a fabulous shade of woman that don't want the fuss but want to look pretty for spring!

Now moving onto Orange based pinks. Orange based colours look great on warmer skintones like Jennifer Lopez, Jennifer Anniston, Gisele and Ciara. These ladies tan easily and coming from a cooler skin tone I am jealous of you! You lot have skin like caramel no broken capillaries or thread veins on you!

Here are some gorgeous shades for you!

Warm Pinks for Spring

Please excuse the height difference for this shot. Dior Addict Lipsticks have a toggle on the end making them impossible to stand up on their own so I flipped the lid and perched them inside if that makes sense.

If you are after a warm pink then head to the Clarins counter. I was amazed at how many I had in my collection. Anyway, from left to right: Clarins Joli Rouge Brillant 22 Coral Dahlia this is a high shine sheer that can be worn alone of added onto another pink lipstick to make it warmer. Anna Sui 302, this is literally a pink with a warm undertone. Clarins Joli Rouge 26 Hibiscus has spring wedding written all over it, a nice crisp hibiscus pink. Clarins Rouge Eclat 23 Hot Rose is very hydrating so is great for dry lips. Rouge DIOR 858 Royale is like a Geranium Red. Its very much like the red the ladies used to wear in the 1940s and would look great with a cat eye and a tea dress at a late summer party. Dior Addict 561 Wonderful is a sheer for someone that likes a subtle lip colour. Revlon Colour Burst 240 Stricking is another Geranium Red with a matte finish. Dior Addict 754 Pandore use to fly off the shelf when I freelanced with Dior. Lastly, Dior Addict in 551 Aventure its very similar to Pandore which is great because Aventure is a limited addition but worth a mention because its such a gorgeous shade!

How do you celebrate spring? Comment below, I would love to know!

Nina xx

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