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Unisex Healthy Glow by Charlotte Tilbury

Charlotte Tilbury is flying up my list of go-to brands recently. I purchased the new Unisex Healthy Glow All-Year Hydrating Summer Tint earlier this summer. This is like a cleaver tinted moisturizer because the product looks white when you first squeeze is out of the tube but then when you apply it little sphere of colour pop and you are left with a healthy summer glow. The coverage is sheer so its not for you girls that like a lot of coverage but I feel that its perfect for ladies that want their skin to show through yet have more glow. This foundation would be great for mature skin too because its better to look glowing and healthy as that disguises lines and wrinkles, not overly made up.

The tint once its squeezed out the tube.

A word of caution, this Tint does not contain a SPF. The girl on the counter told me it did but when I questioned that fact that it said on the back of the tube "This product does not contain a sunscreen......." she went to ask the manager. I was a little disappointed in the service, she should have known better. My advice to you when it comes to buying makeup is really ask questions. Read the back of the packaging including the box. Luckily I have nearly 20 years experience so I questioned her and I read the warning on the back of the tube. I feel that by adding a SPF to this product would change the formulation. I used a separate Sunscreen underneath so I was ok. This Summer Tint leaves the skin looking very fresh, its lasts all day too. You simply apply it as you would a regular liquid foundation or BB Cream, then conceal where needed and powder for long lasting hold. I can safely say that I recommend this products to girls that like to look like a healthier version of themselves. Its a great sheer makeup. It looks fantastic with a tan. I also recommend this product to boys because its so sheer you look glowy without looking made up. The only criticism I have is the girl on the counter selling it to me and the fact that I didn't buy two, one for me and one for my husband!

The tint once applied using no filter!

Here is a picture of the tint once its applied. I have used natural light and no filter in picture as that wouldn't be fair. You can see the scar on my nose clearly from a mole I had removed about 3 years ago. I am also wearing a bit of concealer under my eyes and powder on my nose, forehead and chin. I am also wearing Charlotte Tilbury Matte Revolution lippy in "The Queen". That lippy is like magic brightening my complexion.

I wish I could have shared this product with you earlier this summer but I wanted to try it out. You don't need to only use this during the summer months. It will look great in the winter too. What's your favourite foundation for a glow? Are there any lipsticks you love that brighten your complexion?

Chat soon,

Nina xx

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