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Top Tips for makeup and dry skin!

For a gorgeous complexion read on!

Over the weekend I blogged about oily t-zones and ways of keeping it under control. What happens when you skin is dry? Dry skin is as annoying as oily skin. When you have dry skin and wear foundation your skin tends to suck out all the moisture from the foundation so you are left with a cakey almost crinkly finish. Your skin is shouting “I am thirsty, get me something to drink” so when you apply your foundation even over your skin care it’s only natural for your skin to drink up the moisture.

There are loads and loads of moisturising foundations on the market but I want you to think about is your skincare. Are you hydrating your skin enough? You need to think about hydrating your skin and get as much moisture into your skin as possible with your skincare. A beautiful painting starts with a great canvas, right?

Take a good look at your skincare. What cleanser are you using? Ideally you would be using a cream cleanser. Are you using any serums? Serums are a more concentrated version of a cream therefore you need less but you could add them to your skincare routine as extra hydration. They would be used under your moisturiser. Is your moisturiser hydrating your skin enough? Not naming any names but I have seen woman with dry skin using a barrier cream on their faces as they thought it was thick enough to work but all it does it create a barrier holding the dryness in and not hydrating the skin well enough therefore making it dryer. Are you using any facial oils to top up your creams? You can add facial oils to your normal skincare for extra hydration. I do this all the time especially during the winter months when my skin suffers. It may be worth getting some moisturising masks too. You don’t need to use them at night, though I sleep in them but you can use them in the morning while you are getting dressed. Sometimes 15 minutes is all you need.

Abeille Royale Face Treatment Oil

Moving onto your makeup routine. You may need to consider a moisturising primer that you wear over your skincare and under your foundation. As far as foundations go, what coverage do you want? For heavier coverage DIOR Capture Total combines skincare and foundation so it’s very moisturising and is full coverage, you apply this foundation with a brush. Guerlain Lingerie de Peau is gorgeous, this will give you a medium to full coverage. I apply this foundation with a foundation brush or my fingers. While we are talking about Guerlain, have you seen the Abeille Royale Face Treatment Oil? You can mix this hydrating oil into your current skincare and foundation for a moisture boost. Estee Lauder Double Wear All Day Glow BB Moisture Makeup is worth a thought if you are after less coverage, this is great applied with fingers like your normal moisturiser. Find more information on foundations and how to apply them here

DIOR Capture Totale

Now, I know that you may not like this but if you want your makeup to last all day it is important to powder it. A finely milled powder such as Shiseido Translucent Loose Powder will not dry your skin out. A tiny dusting of powder (like teeny tiny so your powder will last 5 years amount) will help your makeup last and a dusting of powder onto your cheeks will allow your blush to blend beautifully into your skin leaving a natural finish. Apply your powder with a brush not a puff or sponge for the correct amount.

I am loving these posts, I feel like they are helping lots of people. Let me know what makeup questions you have? I am here to help you so you can make the best of yourselves.

Chat soon,

Nina xx

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