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My endless search for a Sunhat & prolonging my Summer Tan!

If you are anything like me you instantly look better with a summer tan, my face looks happier, my teeth look whiter and eyes look brighter. For the record, I wear a minimum of SPF30 and go up to a SPF 50 during the summer months. I try my hardest to keep my face out of the sun but even though I wear an SPF 50 I still get frecklier which I do not mind but as I wear big sunglasses all the time I end up with a freckle mask everywhere but around my eyes. I am not about to wear a visor and I am not keen on wearing a hat. A man once told me that I was too tall and clumsy to wear a hat and even know I laughed at what he said because it was utter rubbish and he owned the hat shop that I was in trying hats on in (that made no sense what so ever, no wonder why the shop closed) it stuck with me and I have never found a hat I liked. The only hat that I would consider was the Samantha Jones massive glorious wide brimmed hat she wore in a Sex and the City movie (I tried finding a clip of this hat on YouTube but her 10 best moments are a far too rude to post on my website). I did have a hat simular but not as big nor good quality and it kept flopping everywhere so it annoyed me. See, I like to know what’s going on around me. I am nosy and like to witness scandalous activities. Oh my, this post is turning into a rambling post about hats. Back to business………

I have come across 2 great self-tans for the face that I really really like and I rely on pretty much all year round including summer to try to blend out the freckle mask and in the deepest winter when my face needs a pick me up.

The first one is Clarins Radiance-Plus Golden Glow Booster. I have been raving about this on social media for a few years now so if you follow me on there then you will probably already know about this. This is a made-to-measure serum that you add to your current skincare for a radiance post. All you do is add a few drops to your moisturiser and apply to your face. I use mine at night. Remember to wash your hands well after. I was first introduced to this in Canada while I was freelancing for Clarins. They kindly sent me a sample and I have never looked back.

I have been trying out the St Tropez Gradual Tan Luminous Veil that I got for free with my RED magazine subscription in August. This everyday Illuminating Face Cream is a gradual tan meaning the colour is built up over days. What I did find was since the tan is built up over days is the colour isn’t as deep as with the Clarins – but then you can use less of the drops for less colour. The tan contains light reflective pearls to instantly illuminate the skin so it’s great to use in the morning as a daytime moisturizer, just make sure you give it time to dry before you apply your foundation.

I must stress that I did not use these self-tans together meaning Clarins at night then St Tropez during the day. I make sure that I use them at different times for example, I used Clarins every 2 or 3 nights for a while then let the tan fade and used St Tropez for a few weeks.

If you are worried about these tans blocking your pores? I did not have a problem with that.

How do you keep that glorious summer feeling throughout the year? Sangria in November? Listen to the Gypsy Kings while cooking a Sunday roast? I must admit come March I have been known to sniff the sun cream in my local high street pharmacy. ....oh dear, hope my mum doesn’t read this she would tell me off for being strange…..

Chat soon, Nina xx

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