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The La Mer Beauty Box

Last week I received my La Mer Beauty Box from Glossy Box. I used to work right next to the La Mer counter in Harrods many moons ago and was always amazed at how it literally flew off the shelf! I remember when La Mer bought out a limited addition silver lid for the original moisturizing cream and woman were going crazy for it. Seriously crazy, it was like hang bags at dawn! The company I was working for at the time was a bit quiet from time to time so I would help the girls out at La Mer on occasion and they gifted me a pot of their famous cream for helping them out. At the time I was about 24 so my skin was looking good, I had no issues other than a little dehydrated and the occasional breakout but I did find the La Mer moisturizing cream fairly heavy and me being the naive drama queen that I am and a lover of luxury used this expensive cream on my feet! You can kill me know and comment below on how terrible that is, I understand and I am appalled with myself!

Anyway, know I am hanging my head with the shame......... I will continue telling you about this beauty box.

I needed to put my name down on the waitlist to order this box. So when it came time to order it I quickly entered my card details luckily because the box sold out in about 45 minutes anyway. When it arrived it was all pretty wrapped up in a box but as a deranged maniac I ripped it open without taking a picture.

It came with 6 deluxe samples included. The Micella Water, which if you have never used one takes off your makeup and looks a bit like a non oily eye makeup remover. The La Mer Micellar water contains "positively charged water molecules dissolves impurities and makeup (even waterproof)". It also contains purifying algae. Now, to be honest I had a bit of a hard time with this. My liquid liner and mascara even though they are not water proof were very tough to budge. I needed to use my regular cleaners too. This product costs £70 200ml so its not cheap. Save your pennies and buy Bioderma Micellar water, in my opinion its better or use a decent cleanser.

The beauty box also came with The Treatment Lotion RPS £100 150ml, described as "Liquid Energy" and was quite nice. This is a bit like an extra hydration step and all you do is press it into your skin skin before you serum and moisturizer. The Revitalizing Hydration Serum RSP £145 30ml was also nice, it was launched last January and it "instantly infuses skin with much-needed energy and hydration", I feel like this is exactly what it does and if you have oily skin you still need hydration and this can be used as your daytime moisturizer. The Eye Concentrate RSP £150 15ml I have not used because I am a suffer of millia (those horrible hard white bumps that you can get under your skin, they are generally harmless and are only a fatty deposit but they annoy me) and I tend to not use eye creams because of this. The Intensive Revitalizing Mask RSP £115 75ml , smells lovely a bit like citrus. You leave this mask on for 8 minutes or overnight. "The trio of Miracle Broth (never heard of broth in a skincare but....) Vitality Ferment and Purifying Ferment help promote the skins turnover, drench skin with moisturizer, neutralize free radicals and protects your complexion from stress and pollution". This was a nice mask. If you like thicker cream masks then you'll like this. Finally the famous Crème de la Mer RSP £115 30ml , contains the miracle broth again, and is suggested that you tailor it to your skin type so if you have oily skin you use this a night, if you have dryer skin then you use it morning and night and for combination skin use it in area of your face that are dry. This is a heavy cream in my opinion, I use this about 2 times a week as a treatment. I have heard some amazing things about the Crème de la Mer from woman going through chemo, ladies with dry skin, people with scars so its worth a try if you can afford the indulgence but my tip is to pay attention and read your skin when using.

Make sure you comment below for advice or to say hi!

Chat soon, Nina xx

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