& Now to Sleep

REN has launched a gorgeous way to a deeper sleep. I was always a good sleeper. I would fall asleep easily and stay asleep all night waking up energised before my alarm. That was before I turned 39. I was so lucky! My quest for a decent night sleep has been lengthy, this past year I have suffered from a lot of stress and heart break losing my brother and a very close friend within 5 months of each other, then moving to a new house and general stress that comes with being a parent and a person in the 21st century. I have adopted a bit of routine now that can help. I have a warm bath, open my bedroom window and even though I really love champagne and gin it doesn’t allow me to sleep well. My problem is the 3 am demons that would pop into my head. I call them demons because the stupidest thought that sticks in my head and it will not leave me. It can be as ridiculous as thinking about the person that said something rude to me in April 1997 and dwelling on the fact that I didn’t stick up for myself or that I need to order milk for my children’s milk program to the more serious why didn’t I say what I wanted to say to the people that are no longer here with me anymore. Anyway, whatever your reasons of not sleeping well can is horrid. I cannot function well without sleep. I crave coffee, sugar and carbs when I am tired, I get short tempered with everyone and hate myself for it, then the 3 am demons have something else to bother me about. My skin really suffers too. It seems to absorb makeup like a sponge so my foundation looks cakey and my eyes look bloodshot no matter what I do.

I have been using the REN & Now to Sleep for over a week. It is a unique blend of pure essential oils to restore calm and tranquillity so your skin can re-generate naturally. The unique blend of essential oils contains calming clary sage and frankincense balanced with sleep inducing hops that help calm a busy mind and induce a relaxed state. Finally, lavender eases tension in the body and mind. (I am falling asleep even as I type this). How do I use it? I spray it onto my pillow and sheets. I only need 2 sprays because am little goes a long way. I spray it onto my husband’s side as well. I am even spraying it onto my children’s pillows – We call it magic sleep spray and they will magically fall asleep as soon as their heads hit the pillow and its works! We are all sleeping better! The pillow spray but it does make a lovely gift to yourself or a friend that is having trouble sleeping. One thing that I do know is that when REN does something they do it really well, so it is worth checking out.

Now off to sleep I go……

Nigh, night, Nina xx

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