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Oily T-Zone? This post is for you!

Hi ladies and gents, here is another question I get a lot on twitter. My face especially my T-Zone gets really oily once I apply my makeup and I also sweat a lot.. please help #asknina.

Well, lets start at the very beginning (that's a very good place to start....when you read you begin with A-B-C, when you sing you begin with do-re-mi..... sorry I can't resist to burst into song every once and awhile especially for the Sound of Music..... it drives my husband crazy.....). Back to the beginning lets talk skincare. Skincare is the base of all great makeup. If you get the skincare wrong then the makeup won't sit well. I recommend for a oily complexion to start with a skincare fluid not a cream. A fluid absorbs into the skin quicker where as a cream sits on the surface longer which is what its supposed to do. Save the creams for night and the fluids for day. Also I would like to point out that oily skin ages better than dry skin so oily skin should be embraced.

Next is primer. If your primer contains silicone and you put it onto a oily complexion it may not sit on the skin properly. What will happen is your foundation will not last as long as should and it will appear oily. Try to go with a silicone free primer. Ren perfect canvas has just launched and its silicone free, I am still reviewing it but it seems very nice indeed. Also have a look at Dior CC Primer which is a spray.

Lets talk about your foundation. Is your foundation too moisturising? Some are and are great for dryer skin types. I suggest trying a BB Cream or Tinted Moisturiser and concealing where needed. You could also try a water based foundation with has buildable coverage and will leave a matte finish.

The next thing to think about is how you apply your makeup.

  1. Are you applying foundation, then concealer, then powder? These are the makeups basic steps.

  2. Are you even using a powder? Is your powder loose or pressed? Powder is an essential tool for long lasting makeup and it has been for decades. Loose powder is better value and if used with a puff will last longer than used with a brush. Pressed are great for handbags and travel.

  3. Are you using the press and roll technique to apply your powder? This technique has been around for decades. Its what I use when I am on a film set and I need the makeup to last all day. Its very simple to do. Take a powder puff and fold it in half, take the pointed edge and dip it into your loose powder. Next scrunch the powder into the puff and fold it in half again so you have a half moon shape. Finally press the puff onto your face then roll the puff off. Keep pressing and rolling until the foundation feels no longer sticky. Continue with blush.

  4. Keep a pressed powder and a powder brush in your handbag so you can powder your makeup throughout the day and it may be worth getting some blotting papers, MAC Blotting Film is great so you can apply them to your face throughout the day to reduce oil and sweat. These are especially good for ladies with hot flushes.

For more info and tips on powdering see here

Try my tips and see how it works out. Let me what you think and if you have any more troubles. Chat soon Nxx

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