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Anatomicals Beauty with Catchy Names that only wants you for your body!

Hi everyone, have you ever heard of the brand Anatomicals? This is a UK skincare company that has fantastic names such as "No More White Bits" which is a instant self tan mousse or "You Need A Blooming Shower!" Rose and Jasmine Body Cleanser. It comes in such bright and cheerful packaging you feel a bit more upbeat just looking at it. This brand is cruelty free and all their formulations are paraben free. This is what Anatomicals says about themselves and to be fair I think they are right "At anatomicals we manufacture the world’s funkiest toiletries and so far people seem to like them. Exactly like oxygen, water, gravity and chocolate fudge cake, you’ll soon wonder how on earth you ever managed to live without us". They make balms, face products, body care, hair care, skin care and you can find more on their website.

I have had the pleasure of reviewing Anaotmicals the past few weeks. I first came across Anatomicals a few months ago in Beauty Box where I was introduced to "Smoother Butts Prefer Coconuts" a coconut and mango body lotion that smelt divine and was gloriously hydrating. Anatomicals sent me some other products to try so I thought I share with you my thoughts.

Let me set the scene in my bathroom first....... It has been a bit of a nightmare the past month to be honest. I have had a new bathroom fitted because there was a giant leak under the bath which was dripping into our dining room and the bathroom was so old the walls needed to be removed and built again so there was dust everywhere and my usual place of calm (I have 2 children so my calm place in my bathroom surrounded by my beauty products) was a place of utter chaos. I needed a daily cheer up and I found just looking at the Anatomical products did help me a bit. I tried the "Glow thanks to Joe" Coffee bean body scrub first. I was a little over powdered by the coffee scent in this, it smells to me like a North American Coffee Shop that has coffee as well as the flavoured syrups but if you need the smell of coffee to wake you up then this is worth a try. My skin was lovely and smooth afterwards. I would use this again before I self tan as the scrub factor is good. I am not even sure how this happened but I managed to get some in my mouth in the shower and it even tasted like coffee which oddly enough is a good sign to me because it must mean it contains real coffee not some filler! Anyway, please do not try eating it. I managed to taste it, not sure if I was in a early morning haze but you know what I mean. This is made in the USA but created in the UK.

So moving along to the "You Need a Blooming Sower!" Rose and Jasmine Body Cleanser, I loved this. I am a real girly girl when it comes to scent so I do love the way this smells, it smells exactly how it should and I love the bright pink packaging. This is made in UK. The "Not Another Rough Day Please", a neroli scented body lotion also smells amazing, like a holiday to an exotic land. It is quickly absorbed so its nice as a day time moisturizer (I need quick so I can get dressed quickly) but I find it not as hydrating as "Smoother Butts love Coconuts" which is a favourite of mine. Next on the list is the "We'll Cool You Again Later", this facial spritz is scented with lavender and is designed to cool you off whether you are "at home. At work. On the bus. In a meeting. On holiday. In a club. At lunch. Even when you are idly walking along the street and wherever you are and whatever you are doing, we'll cool you". Now, I do like this but the spritz is a little too spritzy and you end up rather wet so I would save this until you are on holiday sitting near a pool not at a club for example. It does say to spray it onto cotton wool but where is the fun in that? I would rather spritz. Slightly off topic, I worked on the film ages ago, I think it was back in 2000 but the actors where getting so hot that I would wet towels and put them in the fridge to get cold then I would place the towels on the back of the actors necks during breaks. This became a very popular thing to do. I would be inclined to do a similar thing with the "We'll Cool Again Later" facial spritz because it smells lovely. Lastly is the "No More White Bits" Instant Self Tan Mousse. This is an instant colour, it doesn't have a green tinge to it, it smells rather nice, not that weird chemical biscuit kind of smell that other self tans smell like. I must admit even though it says instant colour the colour is rather dark so I would use the instant colour as a guide so you know where you have applied it for even coverage. I would apply this before bed then rinse it off in the morning.

Anatomicals is a nice brand that is very reasonably priced, its available online, ASOS and Beauty Bay to name a few.

What are your favourite body products? Let me know, I would love to hear from you! Nxx

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