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All about brushes......

This is sort of a joint post. Both a review and how to care for brushes!

A selfie some my Lola Make Up by Perse Blusher Brush

Let’s start with the review: Lola Make Up by Perse is a British range that is made in Italy. It has been designed by makeup artists. The brushes are a mix of synthetic and natural hairs, depending on the brush. What I really liked is the weight of them. I like my brushes having a little weight to them. This sort of balances my hands properly when I am working (that may sound a little crazy, but I am sure you have a pen preference!) I have been using my brush selection for about a week and have had no hairs fall out! I find that so annoying when you have spent ages getting foundation, concealer and powder looking flawless then you spend ages picking hairs off. These brushes are very good value, sleek black soft touch plastic handles so I say they meet and surpass Nina Westburys stamp of approval!

Ok so let’s talk about brush care!

Lola Make Up by Perse Brushes Drying

Looking after you brushes and therefore you skin is actually extremely easy. All you need is a bottle of mild shampoo like baby shampoo and a tap, then something to dry them on. If you are not working professionally as a makeup artist then you don’t need antibacterial cleaners unless you have been battling a cold sore or something else that can spread. When it comes to washing brushes then I wash them in groups so…..

  1. Gather you fluffy brushes like powder and blush together (depending on the size) and dip them under warm running water.

  2. Lather the brushes up with a dot of shampoo, you would be able to see the makeup and dirt foaming up and I find that very satisfying.

  3. Rinse under warm water until not bubbles appear.

  4. Squeeze them flat to dry

  5. Lay them flat to dry making sure that the handle sits slightly higher than the hairs (pictured above). This is important because if water seeps into the metal part holding the hairs then the hairs will become loose and fall out!

  6. Continue this method for the other brushes gathering your eyeshadow brushes together, lip brushes and so on….

  • My pro tip is to use a few drops of cleansing oil to remove traces of liquid liner, cream blush and lipstick out of your brushes before using the baby shampoo. The cleansing oil cuts away the product beautifully!

Now off to clean your brushes you shall go but before you leave this page what are you favourite brushes? Is there any you would recommend?

Chat again soon,

Nina xx

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