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Clarins Paris Palette 4 Couleurs

I do love Clarins and I love how they are revving up their makeup game. About a month ago (give a week or two, I was in the middle of a international move and my children are off on school holidays so to be honest I have no idea what month it is let alone day.......) Clarins relaunched their eyeshadow palettes and very kindly sent me some to have a play with. What I loved about them was that all 4 colours in each palette compliment each other. Usually eyeshadow palettes have a least one random shadow that doesn't really work with the other colours so it usually get fossilized in the makeup bag. These eyeshadows can be used wet for strong pigments or dry for a softer look and contain sensorial mineral textures and carnauba wax powder for long lasting comfort.

Anyway Clarins sent me:

01 Nude, 4 colours that are on the warm spectrum but I would have to say will look great on all eye colours and here is a little face chart I did with it!

I used the lightest shade as a base all over the lid, the I applied the second darkest shades all over the lash line blending up towards the brow until I reached the crease. I smoked out the upper and lower lash line with the darkest coffee bean shade and finished the look by adding a pop of colour, the peach shade to the inner corner of each eye. *This style of makeup will look great on any eye shape*

02 Rosewood is my favourite of the 3 palettes. I love the warm plum eyeshadow. I would say that this palette would look the best on blue, green and hazel eyes but please don't let me stop you from wearing it if you have beautiful brown eyes. This palette will be prefect for fall. Here is what I did with it:

I applied the soft pink shade all over the lids as a base, then darkened the crease with the dark plum shade in the crease and the outer corners then I applied the mid mauve to the outer corner. I then lined the lower lashes with the plum shade and smoked it out with a big fluffy brush!

The final palette i received is called 03 Brown though I would not necessarily call it brown, maybe olive or olive brown but anyway these are lovely colours and worth a try for any woman at any age. Here what I did with it:

I used the lightest shade as a base, then darkened the crease and the outer corner with the darkest shade. I then blended the mauve green shade into the other corner. I lined the lower lash line with the darkest shade and reapplied the lightest shade to the inner corner and brow bone.

Have you seen these palettes? Tell me what you think?

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