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Fun in the Sun with Clarins

Clarins has been part of my life in one way or another since I was a child. My relatives carried it in their beauty bags when I was younger then when I was old enough to appreciate it I used to spend my breaks while working in Harrods asking questions and testing out the skincare and body care to fully understand it. It still surprises me even know after attending training seminars I always walk away thinking “Wow, I did not know that!”

Clarins Sun Protection are fantastic. I use it on myself and my children. I am currently almost finish my second bottle of The Clarins Sun Care Oil SPF 30 this summer. This dry oil contains Aloe Vera for its moisturizing and regenerating compounds, as well encouraging healing and stimulating circulation. It also contains Tamanu which encourages healing while working as a disinfectant and anti-inflammatory and finally Senna which helps protects cell DNA from the harmful effects of the sun. I really love how this dry oil leave my skin with a satin sheen that actually enhances my tan whilst not feeling sticky!

The application is pretty straight forward. Spray and rub in making it easy for me apply it onto the children while they are playing on the beach. I even spray this onto my children’s heads as hats don’t always stay on heads. Its waterproof too making me a happy mummy!

Speaking of a happy mummy, ever happy mum needs to have a little bit of glam in their lives to remind them of a carefree time while they were on holiday without children……..

Cue Clarins After Sun Shimmer Oil........................

Remember when you had holidays where you would read books laying on the beach all day then hit the town in the evenings drinking cocktails and dancing? Well, Clarins After Sun Shimmer Oil makes your skin look that those holiday evenings! I adore this stuff! It enhances my tan, nourishes and illuminates my skin. A little goes along way so I used a coin size amount on both arms and another coin size for legs. You can actually use this oil for body strobing too making your body appear thinner by applying a thin line of the product down the center of both legs, the front of both arms and the top of the shoulders then blending as well. Apply a little to your chest too for enhance the girls too (wink, wink)!

If you fancy trying out the products I’ve mentioned then tweet me a pic or comment! I love seeing holiday pictures.

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