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Canada to London move

What’s happening with me?

This isn’t a makeup or skincare related post. I thought that I should let you all know what’s happening with me and my move back to London.

We have been living in Canada for nearly 7 years this time as I spent my teen years living on Vancouver Island so I am very used to switching countries. We were currently living in a small city called Victoria on Vancouver Island and we had also lived in Vancouver and the lower mainland in BC. Last year while on holiday in France and the UK we decided that we wanted to come back to London. I was missing the buzz of a major city. We thought about Toronto, which would be great for my line of work as a makeup artist but not so much my husbands. As some of you know I have 2 children aged 7 and 5 and I still want to be around them as much as possible so I didn’t want to be the main bread winner. I would have loved to be closer to Dave Lackie though, he is a wonderful friend and has helped me so much develop my career.

Anyway, we decided to put our house on the market in March and it sold within 3 days with multiple offers going over asking price after 250 viewed the house. Next, my husband applied for a transfer to the London office and got it. My brother and sister-in-law in London viewed houses for us, I am so grateful to them. I was even making them check water pressure in the showers and make little videos that they would send me over Whatsapp so we could see potential houses. We get the keys to a lovely house Aug 5th that’s 2 streets away from the River Thames and a lovely pub that we held our engagement party in. Our furniture has been shipped and I will be going into Ikea and John Lewis to buy more when I arrive (husband goes pale when I mention that, better keep him quiet with Ikea hot dogs and afternoon teas at John Lewis). My children have been accepted into a wonderful school this morning actually. Now all there is to do is sort out the cat with final vet checks then we are off. We fly out July 31st.

I have received so many tweets on twitter about what’s going to happen with me on twitter, makeup events…… so I wanted to share with you what’s going to happen.

  • I am still going to be on twitter as much as I was before.

  • Nina’s Makeup Fix will be back on Periscope with special guests and cocktails obviously.

  • I am going to introduce ‘What’s in your Makeup bag’ on Periscope

  • I will be making more videos for YouTube with special guests and industry experts

  • My website will be a place for you to come to ask me for makeup advice. It will be far easier for me to post advice rather than using 160 characters on a twitter feed.

  • My Instagram page will be full of makeup tips and pics

  • My poor facebook page. Oh I do love you but you always seem to be forgotten. I will try my hardest to keep up to date with that.

  • I am still going to be working with fabulous makeup brands doing makeup events.

  • I do love Snapchat even though I still don’t think I fully understand it, maybe I am too old.

  • Newsletters coming soon with the latest as well as how to apply…….

  • Prizes – I know how you all love those.

  • I am hoping to take you behind the scenes on shoots that I do so you can see first hand what its like being a makeup artist.

  • Facecharts will be a plenty.

Let me know if there is anything else you want me to do? I am here to help you make the best of yourselves and I am always here to help. No makeup question is a silly one.

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