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I'm on my third jar! That never happens.....

Ok my lovelies, it very rare for me to love a product so much that buy it over and over again but I am totally in love with the DIOR Capture Totale Crème Multi-Perfection Visage & Cou! I love the scent, I love the feel and I love how my skin looks after even 1 night of using it! DIOR Capture Totale targets all signs of aging, dark spots, lines and wrinkles, dehydration, plumping, smoothing and revitalizing. I have oily skin so at night I use DIOR Capture Totale as it’s a rich cream and take longer to absorb into my skin. I use a fluid moisturizer throughout the day. DIOR also makes a Capture Totale foundation that gives you excellent coverage as well as all the anti-aging magic that comes in their skincare!

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