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Be Beach Proud!

Here is a aritcle I wrote for Beauty the Guide June Issue. I hold this issue very close to my heart. I hope you enjoy reading it as much as I enjoyed writing it!

Beach proud

Like 99% of women I have a body that comes with signs of who we are: as mothers, as women who have lived and aged, and as women who have been born with marks and scars, or have been given them by life. And also like so many women, I start to get a little nervous at this time of year. In the back of my mind I hope for a world where it is perfectly acceptable to wear a pair of full body Spanx under your swimming costume to the beach but then the sensible part of mind shouts “stop being so stupid, get on with your life”! There are so many articles written about how to make up your face and how to lose weight but so few on making the best of the body you already have. We are lucky that we have so many products out there to assist us in looking our best on the beach. So whether you need something to help get you out on the beach, or are looking to dazzle in the sun, here are my summer body makeup tips.

Clarins has so many gorgeous body products to fit your every need and they should be the first stop when preparing your gorgeous bodies for summer. They have specialised in body care for over 60 years and have recently launched the Body Shaping Cream with caffeine and poppy extract that firms and redefines, targeting stubborn fat. The cream’s melting texture is designed for massaging and absorbs in to the skin easily so you can dress straight after applying. You apply this once a day in a circular movement on your wobbly bits, focusing on hips, waist, tummies and knees. If you are in need of some cellulite control then the Clarins Body Lift Cellulite Control is the perfect complementary product. These products are even more effective when combined with a balanced healthy lifestyle and the Clarins self-massage body shaping method. And don’t worry, the easy-to-follow instructions are in the box.

A decent tan can be your best friend in the summer as it slims your limbs. I have used St Tropez products for years. It is my go to self-tan. What I love about the St Tropez products are that they:

  • Are easy to apply and are quick drying within a couple of minutes

  • Do NOT streak if you wait for 4 – 8 hours after applying before you shower or swim

  • Do NOT turn you orange

  • Are totally natural looking

  • Hydrate and nourishes the skin

  • DO NOT smell, thanks to their award-winning Aromaguard fragrance technology

There are so many different products within the St Tropez Collection. Here are a few of my favourites:

The St Tropez Gradual Tan Firming 4 in 1 self-tan tones, firms and moisturizes and is great for everyone. I have used this on and off for a long time. It is applied like a regular moisturizer and the tan develops gradually. The more often you use it the darker you become.

The St Tropez Bronzing Mousse is a favourite of mine. I apply it at night after I have showered and exfoliated. I use it with the St Tropez Prep & Maintain Mitt, patting in on then buffing slightly for an even glow. It is so easy to use I remember my cousin applying it in the back of a London taxi on the way to a party!

If spider veins are a concern then try the St Tropez Perfect Leg Spray. It’s a light weight, 360-degree aerosol spray that will give you instant colour and an airbrush finish. This product will give you an instant tan but you will need to wait 4 – 8 hours before getting wet. If you feel like you need a little more coverage or you want a wash off tan then try some of the St Tropez One Night Only Instant Glow Body Lotion. This is suitable for all skin types and washes off with soap and water so you don’t need to worry about running through the sprinklers to beat the summer heat! St Tropez have also launched a Self Tan Luxe Dry Oil that was two years in the making and is the most luxurious tan containing Brazilian Nut Oil and Vitamin A & E. It is scented with Neroli, Lemongrass and Grapefruit providing a natural fragrance, and creates a tan lasting 10 days with the added bonus of up to 7 days of moisturization! I also find the bronze shimmer provided in the oil a nice luxurious touch that makes me feel special when applying.

Here are my top tips on self-tanning for the body:

  • Exfoliate with some Clinique Sparkle Skin Body Exfoliator. This works especially well on tough areas such as elbows, knees and heels.

  • Moisture well with some Shiseido Revitalizing Body Emulsion paying special attention to knees, soles of the feet, elbow and palms.

  • Self-tan at night so you can wear SPF such as Shiseido Urban Environment UV Protection Cream SPF 40 during the day. Self-tans do not contain SPF and if you burn yourself, blister then peel with a self-tan then your bodies imperfections are the least you will be worrying about!

  • Use the St Tropez Prep & Maintain Mitt, or wash your hands EXTREMELY WELL!

For my face, I like to apply the Clarins Radiance Plus Golden Glow Booster with my regular anti-aging moisturizer for a sun kissed glow. This product is so clever and easy to use. All you need to do is add three drops to your moisturizer and apply. That’s it! I then apply a sheer foundation with a SPF. I love Guerlain Meterorites Baby Glow for a sheer coverage that makes me look fabulous and flawless at the beach!

When working with celebs us makeup artists often use makeup on every part of the body that is on display, from hands and feet to the back of the ears to …. well, anything that is on show . This kind of body makeup can also be great for beach and other summer looks. Dior AirFlash foundation comes in a spray giving an airbrush effect that is water resistant. I apply this to the body with a big powder puff and press and roll it onto the skin, then set with a little powder. MAC Face and Body is another industry favourite. I apply this water resistant foundation with a brush, buff it into the skin and set with powder. Estee Lauder Double Maximum Cover Foundation contains a SPF 15 and helps to reduce skin imperfections, including surgical scars, tattoos, birthmarks, sun spots, and varicose veins. I apply this with a foundation bush and set with powder. A trick that is very effective in slimming your legs is to apply a highlighter such as MAC Strobe Cream down the center of each leg from hip to ankle. This will highlight the center, giving the illusion of a longer leaner legs.

If you are my type of vacationer, you like to lounge around by the pool or beach during the day and then go into town to discover the night life. For a beautiful holiday look after the sun has gone done, try some Guerlain Terracotta Huil De Voyageur Nourishing Dry Oil or some NARS Body Glow that is scented with Monei de Tahiti Oil and Tiare buds. These will give your sun kissed skin an all over chocolate shimmer, and also moisturize beautifully with coconut oil. I often find myself sniffing this during the colder winter months just to remind me of holidays and the sun!

And now for the finishing touches for the summer look. Stand out with a manicure and pedicure as well as some statement jewelry, a structured swim suit, and some dark sunglasses. To boost confidence, a big fabulous hat can help draw the focus away from any areas you are less proud of. And then all that is left is to find a sun lounger, lay a huge towel down on it (nothing is worse that lounger marks on your behind), lay on your back, order yourself a glass of champagne and celebrate yourself and your gorgeous body because I guarantee there will be someone watching you thinking doesn’t she look fabulous!

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