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Clinique and the Skin Care Olympics

There is something very exciting happening in Vancouver right now! Ready for it? Vancouver is hosting the World Congress of Dermatology that only happens every 4 years. It’s like the Skin Care Olympics! It is being held from June 8th to 13th at the Vancouver Convention Centre. As a brand created and inspired by dermatologists, Clinique pioneered the connection between dermatology and cosmetics, and Clinique experts continue to be invited to participate in these medical conventions and symposiums around the world.

This year, to celebrate the fact that Vancouver is hosting the World Congress of Dermatology, Clinique is partnering with Hudson’s Bay to offer Vancouver beauty enthusiasts the exclusive opportunity to learn the latest tips and techniques from Clinique’s team of global skin care and makeup experts. Beauty mavens and novices will get to choose from Clinique’s premiere “You Time Services” consultations, which are designed to teach or treat depending on the choice of service. These complimentary consultations will be offered throughout the week of June 8th – 13th at Hudson’s Bay Granville Street.

To make it even more exciting – Oh I wish I could attend, you can reserve a seat at one of Clinique’s twice daily workshops led by some truly inspirational people. This is where I get very, very excited. Clinique have flown in their global experts from around the world including counties like France, Hong Kong, Malaysia, Brazil, United States, the United Kingdom and Canada. These workshops will take place daily at 2 pm and 4pm (12 and 2pm on Saturday) and some will be available in both English and Mandarin or Portuguese. You can reserve your seat by purchasing a $20 - $40 HBC gift card depending on the session.

Here are some of the workshops you can attend (so exciting!):

In addition to the advice and one-on-one attention from these international experts, Clinique will also be providing participants with fabulous special token of appreciation gifts and complimentary samples custom-fit to their skin concerns. Its win win!

To celebrate the World Congress of Dermatology and its 14,000 attendees in the city this year, it’s a great opportunity for us beauty fanatics to take advantage of this gathering of experts in Vancouver. Call me crazy but I find this much more exciting than the actual Olympics! Anyway, our lovely friends at Clinique are offering one lucky Canada-based follower of mine the amazing Clinique Sonic System Purifying Cleansing Brush valued at $95.00! All you need to doto enter is is click here and comment in the comment box. Good Luck darlings!

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