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My Clarins Beauty Trend Event in YYC

I had the pleasure of working for Clarins Canada at a makeup event in Nordstrom Calgary this past weekend. It was such a fun event. I met so many lovely people and Nordstrom makeup department is superb, a makeup enthusiast dream actually. I wish I had more time to have a proper look. I like makeup events, it’s a very fun part of my job. I meet all types of people and I teach them how to apply makeup that suits them as an individual. All faces are different therefore all the makeups are different, so creatively makeup events are an outlet for me. I presented two master classes with a Clarins trainer named Leah, we get on so well and it was amazing working and learning from her. The counter manager is a Yugoslavian beauty named Mona who is so warm and friendly, she will instantly make you feel at home at the counter. I also had the pleasure working with 2 lovely girls that charted all the makeup and were constantly cleaning my brushes for me. The team was a delight! *Leah, eyeshadows contain, they contain not......

I like to run makeup events like this: I like to do some individual appointments as a warm up (I helps me get my makeup artist head on) then I like to present a master class and have some time with clients afterwards to answer questions and give tips and tricks. Everyone walks away with a chart about the products we talked about and some sort of instruction on how to apply the look…… The Clarins team had set up makeup stations and I was so surprised to find my twin that I never knew I had waiting for me there!

I would like to thank all my followers that came to see me too. You are all beautiful woman and you really made my day! I hope you buy those hot pants, have fun in your summer BC cabin in your new bikini, enjoy your European holiday later this month, found a husband at that golf function, enjoyed the hockey game, learnt how to apply a quick 5 minute look and I am glad your husband told you you looked beautiful because you truly did! Thanks again ladies, it was a pleasure!

Have a look at my video for more pics:

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