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Need a glow?

When it comes to the glorious world of makeup there are a few key words that get my attention very quickly. The first one of these word I am going to discuss today is Guerlain. Finding a Guerlain counter in Canada is like finding treasure. There are so many wonderful things that you must try if you even get the chance. In Europe it is one of the top go to brands so it is no surprise that visiting a Guerlain counter is like having a European mini break to me.

The second word that turns my head very quickly is Guerlain Météorites. This clever little illuminating powder is made up of light-diffusing pearls that use colour theory to minimize flaws and brighten the complexion. Guerlain using stardust technology transforms the visible beam of UV rays into a visible soft focus prefect light – Yes please! To apply you simply swirl your powder brush in the little pot of hand crafted pearls and sweep over the face. Guerlain has launched these lovely clever pearls in a pressed compact which is perfect for when you travel perhaps to your European holiday this summer – one can dream or for your handbag.

Now, hold on. I know you must be very excited but it gets better. Guerlain has for the first time ever has launched Météorites Baby Glow a sheer foundation that actually contains crushed Météorites pearls which creates an anti-fatigue effect sheer makeup! Where was this then I had new born babies? I have oily skin so ‘glowy’ makeup can look oily on me but I definitely have my glow on when I wear this sheer makeup. It is simular to a BB cream as it has plenty of key functions like as smoothing, unifying, replenishing, refreshing, light-revealing and youth-protecting. It has a SPF 25 and is available in 2 shades: light, medium and golden. I apply this over my regular morning skincare routine, conceal where needed and set with Météorites. Lovely stuff indeed.

While we are on the subject of Guerlain, I wanted to draw you attention to their new fabulous mascara. The CILS D’ENFER a volumizing, curling and sculpting mascara in a timeless and elegant shade of Marine aka Navy. This is a great alternative to the classic black mascara!

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