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I designed these face charts with some fabulous people in mind that are attending a special DIOR dinner in Toronto showcasing the iconic DIOR BACKSTAGE PROS collection hosted by my good friend Dave Lackie. I wanted to be there in person to teach them how to apply the products, share my tips.... but since Toronto is a 6 hours flight away from where I am I have decided to stay home and came up with a ‘Virtual Makeup Masterclass’ in celebration of this dinner. I have picked 6 faces and I have named them. I know it may sound a little strange but I wanted to give them something a little more personable and with a name like face chart 3 it doesn’t sound like fun. When you attend one of my makeup masterclasses I try to make them as friendly as possible. I try to make them unintimidating and fun. People often walk away having made a new friend, feeling great and looking even better. Teaching woman how to make the best of themselves is the best part of my job and I wish I had some sort of rocket ship, either peacock or leopard print ideally that would fly me off to worldwide destinations so I could teach everyone. Let us start here now and we will see, you never know I may be teaching you how to apply eyeliner, foundation… a city near you soon!

Let me introduce you:

Oh and if you want to know more abou the looks then click on their names.

This is Betty

Betty loves everything girly, she is a massive DIOR fan and is a delight to be around. She wanted something bold on the eyes and bright on the lip.

This is Diana

Diana is has deep olive skin tone, she loves creative writing, her husband and her dog Peaches. Her main concerns where eyeshadow creasing and learning how to apply mascara without tearing.

This is Samantha - she is hilarious

Samantha wants to be an actress so it is no surprise that she freaked out when she saw the new ROUGE DIOR 688 HOLLYWOOD – a glorious bright pink and she wanted a makeup look that showed off that glorious pink!

This is lovely Bridget

Bridget main concerns where needing a long lasting foundation that would cover some acne scarring and wanting to balance her eyes and lips.

This is Francesca

Francesca is a beautiful strawberry blonde with fair skin, blue eyes and freckles. I wanted to keep her freckles showing as they are AMAZING so we went for a lovely airy soft look. Francesca need a look that was professional but easily updated with lip colour.

And finally darling Lucy

Lucy needed something smoky and fabulous. I wanted to stick with a spring lip colour so this is what we came up with while working together.

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