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I have some explaining to do as to why I love DIORSKIN STAR so much.

I am always rambling on twitter about how much I love DIORSKIN STAR foundation that I thought it was probably time for me to explain exactly why I love it so much. The texture is so light weight that you don’t feel like you are wearing anything yet it give a medium coverage so flaws and imperfections are instantly covered. STAR is a brightening foundation and it actually brightens your skin reducing darkness and redness. Tiny hollow silica beads capture and diffuse the light almost painting the face in a soft veil of light without that hideous ghostly flashback you see commonly in photographs. I used it on a shoot in the summer and as you can see if the picture below the models skin looks flawless and there’s been no airbrushing in the photo.

Niche Shoot.JPG

DIORSKIN STAR also contains SPF 30 which is almost unheard of in a medium coverage foundation because adding a high SPF can change the consistency of the product sometime making it patchy or its balls up when applied, so DIOR really took their time developing this marvellous foundation.

I apply this foundation on myself with my fingers first then I buff it in with a brush. I do have large pores around my nose and I find this foundation fills them in to create a smooth even canvas for the rest of my makeup to sit on – exactly what we want a foundation to do! When I am working on a client I apply this with a brush and buff it in. This foundation does deliver a lovely glow so I suggest powdering well for long lasting coverage.

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