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Summer mascaras I am loving

Just wanted to bring these little beauties to your attention: my two favorite summer time mascaras. In order for a mascara to become a seasons favorite they must:

A. Be easily applied,

B. Not run when I am running around town in the humid heat,

C. Not aggravate my allergies,

D. And most importantly, I need my mascara to create impact so I can flutter my lashes at my husband and in return he buys me pretty things.

These two mascaras meet the criteria and surpass it. Not only am I sporting some serious lash volume I am also loving the lash applicators.

Just to recap, for the best way to apply your mascara one must:

  • Sit or stand comfortably

  • Hold a nice size mirror compact or hand held mirror in the opposite hand that you write with

  • Whilst holding your head up, look down into your compact and squeeze lashes in your favorite eye lash curler (mine is SHU UEMURA) for about 8 seconds on each eye.

  • Next, apply your mascara whilst holding you head high and looking down into the mirror. I say this because by looking down the angle of your eyes changes and you will not get mascara smudge everywhere. I wiggle the mascara wand back and forth as I want depth at the root then I apply the mascara from root to tip to create length. I layer on about 10 mascara sweeps per eye depending on the look I am going for.

  • I tend not to let the mascara dry during coats as I find when you do the mascara clumps.

  • I apply mascara to my bottom lashes too. I like symmetry. I clean off any excess product with some tissue and I dance the tip of the wand along my lower lash line. I don’t add layer on mascara on the bottom, its more of a mascara gesture.

Poof! Like magic, my lashes are like exotic butterflies fluttering away and my husband comes home with pretty things for me!

And so, to my two favourite mascaras -

*Drum roll please*

summer mascaras 1.jpg

Lancôme Hypnose Drama is a full body volume mascara that lasts all day. I love the convex brush, no clumping, no allergies! I love the smell of the Lancôme mascara too. There is something feminine about the scent.

summer mascaras 2.jpg

DIORSHOW ICONIC OVERCURL Mascara has a curved brush and keeps you lashes up and happy like a push up bra all day!Builds length and volume and stays put all day!

I wear both mascaras in black as I don’t particularly like brown. I want impact when it comes to my lashes not natural so these are FABULOUS!

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