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  • If your foundation appears to look dry and flaky you need to address your skincare. You skin is naturally sucking all the moisturizer out of the foundation that is why your skin appears dry. Add some extra hydration to your skincare routine.

  • If your foundation appears to heavy then try mixing some serum, facial oil or even your regular moisturizer into your foundation. You have effectively made your own tinted moisturizer.

  • A loose powder and a powder puff can be your best friend if you have a oily complexion. Holding the powder puff in half roll it through your loose powder, then roll if over the back of your hand to get excess powder off before pressing and rolling in onto your skin concentrating on your t-zone.

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Blush and Bronze
  • For a flattering sun kissed glow, apply your favourite bronzer with a large fluffy brush to your hair liner, down your nose, up your cheek bones and chin - this is where the sun would naturally tan.

  • A bronzer if most flattering for mature and oily skin if it is matte or semi matte. Some shimmery bronzers will show up fine lines and pores.

  • To slim your face apply your bronzer in to the hollow of your cheeks and under your jaw line to disguise a double chin.

  • A bronzer can double as a contour powder and as a eyeshadow.  

  • If you want your face to appear round apply your favourite blush to the apples of your cheeks.

  • If you want to slim your face then sweep your blusher towards the top of your ear creating a oval face shape.

  • Highlighting is also known as strobing and is easy to achieve than contouring. Simply highlight the tops of your cheekbones, down your nose and cupids bow.

  • Use a cream eyeshadow under a powder eyeshadow for long lasting hold and strong pigments.

  • If you apply concealer to your eyelids makeup sure you powder well with your regular face powder. This will stop it from creasing.

  • Conceal only the dark under eye circles, this will prevent panda eyes in flash photography.

  • Create soft definition under the eyes by using a small slanted brush and a eyeshadow.

  • Use a neutral eyeshadow as a base, this will correct any discoloration on the lids and  help the other eyeshadows blend easier.

  • Always top eyeliner pencils with a matching eyeshadow. This will prevent the liner for smudging.

  • If you find your mascara is running then try a waterproof mascara, or not applying mascara to the lower lashes and sometimes eye creams can make mascara run especially if they are applied to close to the eyes and not the orbital bone.

  • Apply some soft shimmer to the lids to make the eyes appear larger

  • Lipsticks is the easiest way to dress up your look. Try wearing a bright colour with a neutral eye, its a timeless look so looks great for any special occasion.

  • If you want your lipsticks to last all day then apply a lip pencil all over your lips first then your lipsticks. The lipstick will grab hold of the pencil locking the colour on.

  • create dimension to the lips making them appear larger by applying your lipsticks then filling in our lip line with a darker lip pencil then blend well.

  • To make a real statement apply concealer outside your lip line, then your lip colour.

  • Prop up your elbow on a table if you have a hard time creating a straight lip line.

  • Use a synthetic lip brush if using a lip brush, they are easier to clean.

  • Add a lip balm into your regular skincare routine if you suffer from dry lips.

  • Apply a lip balm and a lip pencil for a hint of colour,.

  • Dab lipstick on for a hue especially if you are nervous about trying full on colour. This tips comes in handy if experimenting with reds.  

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