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If you follow me on twitter you will know my love for this product. Drum roll please......

Dior Show Art Pen


This has got to be my favourite eye liner at the moment, well for the past two years! I began lining my eyes when I was 14. My mum bought me a Clinique liquid liner in brown and I never looked back. She taught me how to apply it and soon I was applying liner onto all my friends at school. I developed a steady hand very quickly but it can be hard for other people. I discovered the Diorshow Art Pen and everything changed. What I really love about this liner is that the felt tip is firm without being hard and the tip comes to a steady point. Because the felt tip is long you are actually able to dot the liner along your lash line using the length of the felt not the tip resulting in a steady fine line not a wobble one.  

Think of it this way: use your eye lashes as a shelf to guide the entire side of the felt along.


The Diorshow Art Pen is available in Black and Navy. If you keep the lid of tight it will last you ages. My lasts about 4 months and I use it every day. I do store it lid side down when it starts to look a little dry but it’s one product that I buy again and again. 


Dior Art Pen
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