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Celebrity Inspired Face Charts


It is so important for me to include a section like this in my web site. I want you to be able to recreate the your favourite celbrity look at home easily with my step by step guide. I will be including celebrities in all shapes and sizes, different ethic groups and ages. Please let me know if there is a specific celeb you will like to see. These looks are inspired from the celebrity themselve some of the makeup actually used may be different then the ones I have used in the charts. This will be a ever growing page so there will be lots to insprire you and learn from.

Paloma Faith "Changes"


I loved Paloma Faiths' look in the "Changes" video. I must admit that I am addicted to the video on YouTube. The blend of colour in her outfit, her hair and her makeup is so pretty I just had to Face Chart it. Paloma does look rather tanned and glowing in this video so I would self tan or cheat with a little MAC Face and Body. 

Using a bronzing powder as a contour suck in your cheeks and dust some product to the hollows of your cheeks, then to your hair line, jawline finishing with a gentle dusting down your nose to give you a sun kissed glow. I used Rimmel Sun Love in the picture. It’s a great budget bronzer.

Next onto Paloma eyebrows. There are exaggerated to say the least. To do this without looking like 2 caterpillars perched on your forehead it is important to incorporate a little brow pencil and eye shadow. This will give you a somewhat natural look to the brow. I used some DIOR Universal Brow Pencil and some MAC Eye Shadow in Brule and Charcoal Brown used in that order. I say used in that order because it is easier to darken a colour than it is to lighten it so always use the lighter colour first with drawing on brows. Apply some MAC Shroom all over the lids from lash line to brow bone. Shroom will act as your brow highlight. Next apply some MAC Charcoal to the crease and blend well drawing little upwards circles with the brush. Line the lower lash line with some MAC Charcoal Brown adding some MAC Print to the outer corner sweeping upward towards the brow. Line your eyes with an exaggerated flick and some Dior Show Art Pen, add some lashes if you fancy and at least 2 coats of your favourite mascara. Moving onto the lips apply some Lancôme L’Absolu Rouge 368 it a hot fuchsia pink and then a little Anna Sui Lip Crayon 400 to outer corners to create depth. Step back from the mirror and see if you need a little blush, you may not but if you do try some MAC Melba tapped onto the cheeks. Place a pink flower in your hair and start singing.  

Paloma Faith
Reese Witherspoon


I based this look on the Golden Globe aways this year. The look was quite a natural look for someone so prominent in the public eye. Browns, beiges and golds. Reese Witherspoon wore a lovely foundation that just covered her enough so her skin shone through. I am going to suggest Guerlain Lingerie de Peau as it’s beautiful and you skin still shines though. For concealer I suggest Dior Star and give a nice powder with NARS Light Reflective Pressed Powder. Reese’s brows are nicely groomed. For the eyes I used a mixture of Dior BAR and Dior Golden Shock (from the Holiday 2014 collection). Apply a little of the brown from BAR to the outer 2/3rd of the eye lids and apply a little black shadow from BAR to the outer corner and along the lash line. Next apply a little of the Rose Gold Shade from Dior Golden Shock to the inner 1/3 of the eye lids. Using a little of the gold shimmer for the Golden Shock Palette gentle smudge some along the lower lash line and inner corner of each eye. Next apply some lashes and then line the eyes thinly with the DIOR Art Pen. Apply a good few coats of MAC Extreme Mascara. Sweep some MAC Dame Blush to your cheek bones for a soft natural hue. I chose Armani Rouge d’Armani Sheer 503 lipsticks for the lip because it’s a beautiful nude and topped it with some NARS Annees Foulles gloss for a lilac hue. 



Reese Witherspoon
Taylor Swift

I saw a picture of Taylor Swift at an award ceremony, I liked it so much I took a screen shot. I didn’t however make a note of what award ceremony it was but she looked exceptionally beautiful. I am not a fan of her music but she always looks so beautifully made up I am becoming a fan of that.  

For this particular look Taylor’s foundation looked very matte. Clarins makes a foundation called Ever Matte that is oil free and leaves enviably smooth finish. The makeup artist used a concealer I would suggest Dior Star as it’s a favourite of mine and a very good powder. Her brows are natural but well groomed. Moving along to the eye makeup, I created this face chart with Dior BAR 056 palette. It’s another classic palette perfect for any makeup wardrobe. Apply the medium brown to the entire lid and darken the crease with a little grey. Then darken the outer corner with some of the black and a small eye shadow brush and blend well. Apply some of the black with a slanted brush along the lower lash line and soften the edges with some of the grey. Apply a strip of lashes. Next apply a strong cat eye liner with the Dior Art Pen covering up any mistakes you have made with the lashes. Apply a good few coats of MAC Extreme Mascara. Apply a gentle sweep of MAC Pinch O’ Peach blush up the cheek bones. Apply a little Lancôme L’Absolu Rouge 244 to the lips and top it with a little Dior Addict Gloss in 624 Mylord

Taylor Swift


Rihanna's foundation is relatively matte in appearance keeping the shine controlled. Apply your foundation, concealer and powder.

I applied some Laura Mercier Buttercream all over the lid from lash line all the way up to the brow bone. Next apply some of copper shade from the YSL Palette Bleus Luminere to the lids and darken the crease with a little Laura Mercier Cognac. Remember to blend well so there are no visible lines. Using a small slanted brush apply a little of the orange gold shadow from the YSL Palette Bleus Luminere to the lower lash line, then press a little Laura Mercier cognac on top to darken. Line the lower water line with some of the Black DIORSHOW Khol Liner and draw a dramatic cat liner with the DIORSHOW Art Pen. Curl lashes and apply a few generous coats of mascara to upper and lower lashes. Tap on a little Laura Mericer Blushing Apple blush to the cheek bones and apply some of the pale ROUGE DIOR lipstick in 317 Bar or alternatively apply a little concealer and a dark nude lip liner. 


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