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For long lasting Foundation.....

An extremely popular question I get on social media is “how can I get my foundation to last all day?”

Well the answer is simple and to be honest it’s an old-fashioned trick that your grandmother used. A powder puff is a great makeup tool needed in almost every makeup bag. When I say powder puff I mean the nice soft fabric ones that have the foam sponge inside and are probably about 5 mms thick not the huge ones you see made out of faux fur with the ribbon of the thin flimsy silicone ones.

When I trained as a professional makeup artist nearly 20 years ago, we used a powder puff to set foundation by using the “press and roll method” allowing us to apply powder without disrupting the foundation or concealer. The method is simple. You fold your powder puff in half creating a half moon or taco shell shape.

 Next you dip the folded puff into some powder whether it is pressed or loose is up to you but loose generally lasts longer and is more economical. I then tap of the excess powder into the lid so I do not waste any.

Next, press the folded puff onto the skin and roll the puff away. If you see a trail of powder, then you are using too much. Tap off the excess powder and continue. The more practice you have the quicker you can apply your powder. After you have applied a fine layer of powder touch your face with the back of your hand, if your face feels a little sticky then apply some more powder. That is a close up of my face. Yikes! At least you have an idea of what I am doing!  

By pressing your powder into your skin, you are absorbing oils in a more effective way than using a brush. The next time you use your puff use another side, or flip over the puff. You can even wrap the puff in tissue if you really love your puff and want it to remain pristine! You should be able to use it for a few days without washing it. Speaking of, the easiest way to wash your puff is by running it under the tap with warm water and soap but you can also secure a safety pin through the center making sure you have the sponge and fabric then throwing it into your washing machine with your delicates. This should be ok a few times but don't blame me if it explodes. Allow it to air dry.

Powder puffs can be purchased from your local drug store to your luxury makeup counter.  

Remember makeup should always be simple. No baking required here ladies. Let me know if you like this tip by commenting below or join my crusade by using the #bringbackthepowderpuff and tagging me in on social media!

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