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Hello lovelies,

Last week I flew to Toronto to see my darling twitter husband Dave Lackie and was on Cityline! It is a HUGE privilege and I loved every moment. The crew were lovely, made me feel instantly at home and Tracy Morgan is a darling! Anyway here are the details about my beauty segment. I chatted about how to try on lipsticks at the makeup counter by swatching the colour onto the pads of your fingers rather than the back of you hand that way you can see it easier to see the colours by holding up in front of you face while looking in the mirror. See my little youtube video here for further explanation and instructions.

As for the brands that I featured, I choose Rouge Dior Lipstick as they are glorious, rich in pigment with a satin finish and Clarins Joli Rouge Brilliant as they are sheer meaning they will look great on all ages, high shine which will look fantastic on smaller lips and hydrating!

Nina xx


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