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Quick Makeups & Still look Fabulous

As a working mother and wife my makeup routine has had to change dramatically in the recent years. Sometimes when I am watching YouTube videos I am a little envious that these people have so much time to apply their makeup. Who has time for cut creases and contouring these days?

Here are the top tips in applying makeup in a flash:

Quick Base:

o achieve a flawless complexion you only need 3 products really. A decent foundation, concealer and a powder. Guerlain Lingerie de Peau is a favourite of mine. I find it is enough coverage to hide imperfections, yet show my freckles and is a SPF 35! I apply this mainly with my fingers starting at the center, concentrating on my nose and chin then working outwards towards my hairline. Then I apply some concealer under my eyes, around my nostrils as that’s where I show some redness and finally to any blemishes that appear. I apply it by dabbing it on with a brush then I tap it to blend it in with my finger. This dab and tap method ensures you build coverage making the most of you concealing products and wasting none. Finally I load up and powder brush with some translucent and give a dusting to my entire face. Please note that if you are seeing powder on your face then you are using way too much. All you should see is a matte veil on your skin!

Quick Glow:

A quick glow is achieved by using a few key products. A bronzer, a blush and a highlighting powder which in current day is also known as a strobing powder. To give you skin a sun kissed glow then sweep some bronzer powder along your hairline, down your nose, up your cheek bones, your chin and under your jaw line (this is only for the purpose of disguising a double chin). Apply your favourite blush, like Dior Sculpt Pink Shape up your cheek bones in the direction of the top of your ear. I like to add a pop of baby pink or peach when using it with a bronzer. Lastly, apply some shimmer powder to the top of your cheek bones, your brow bone and apply a quick sweep across your lips, your cupids bow will pick up the product making your lips appear larger and more pert.

Quick Eye:

For maximum impact and minimal effect I like to use a cream eyeshadow in a classic shade all over the lids from lash line to just above the crease. You can apply cream eyeshadows by gently tapping the colour on with your finger or with a makeup brush. There are so many formulations out there to choose from, I really like the new Clarins Umbres Waterproof Eye Shadow as they come in a squeeze tube allowing you to squeeze out the correct amount. You only need about a dot the size of a pin head per eye applied to your ring finger and then tapped onto each eyelid. Next apply some eyeliner to you upper lash line to thicken the lashes. You can apply a pencil by dotting it along then smudging the liner together with a cotton bud if you find lining a challenge or you can apply a liquid liner like my beloved Dior Art Pen. Next curl lashes and apply lots of mascara, wiggling the wand at the roots then combing through the lashes.

Quick lips:

On a daily basis I use tinted lip balms or oils. I suffer from dry lips so I use this a lot, my favourites are Dior Rouge Baume STAR (pictured far left) is my favourite shade at the mo and Clarins Lip Oils. You can apply these alone or with a lip pencil.

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