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Hate the look and feel of foundation? Well......

My word, this foundation is extremely comfortable to wear! For all you lovely ladies that don’t like the look or feel of foundation but want a little coverage then the DIORSKIN NUDE AIR SERUM is for you! I was amazing but how lovely this foundation feels on. I was a little dubious about trying it after my beloved DIOR STAR but it’s a very nice product indeed. It’s light, fresh and airy like smelling clean linen sheets that have been dried outside. The coverage is light. I do like a more medium coverage but I found that with a little concealer this foundation was great. The DIORSKIN NUDE AIR SERUM starts like a water like fluid in the bottle that you simply drop onto your palm using the high precision dropper. Then you apply it with your fingers or with a foundation brush and are left with a velvety talc-free undetectable film of makeup. I did find that I needed more than the recommended 3 drops – more like a tea spoon, I have been blessed with a fairly large face.

What makes DIORSKIN NUDE AIR SERUM so nice is the beneficial ultra-fluid serum that is like a breath of fresh air similar to taking a long country walk through the sunflower fields you see dotted along the country roads in France. DIORSKIN NUDE AIR SERUM is made with oils, that instantly evaporate when applied and with soft-focus agents leaving you with a perfectly natural looking healthy glow. With a SPF 20 and other fabulous ingredients like Diors newly developed Oxygen Activ™ technology, an innovative combinations of a hyper-oxygenated oil, Cranberry oil, vitamins and minerals your skin looks and feels refreshed after each and every day.


After I have applied some of the DIORSKIN NUDE AIR SERUM I then apply some concealer such as DIOR STAR concealer under my eyes and on blemishes and other inperfections.

Lastly, I apply a little of the AMAZING DIOR SKIN NUDE POWDER! This stuff is seriously amazing! It’s an invisible powder that leaves a healthy glow. It comes either in the loose form, great for home or in a travel worthy compact (seriously nice packaging that you will want to pull out of your handbag and show off). I need to powder after I apply my foundation and concealer, it is essential for long wear and controls shine throughout the day! ,

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